I've finally gone ahead and moved most of my health driver repos, as well as the repo holding the openyou.org blog, to the OpenYou Organization on github. Over an indeterminate amount of time in the future, I'll be flipping the READMEs, and possibly the licensing, to reflect OpenYou also.

The hope here is to get more community involvement in drivers for health equipment. Up until now, the repositories have lived on my personal github account, which, while great for my coderwall badges, means that I'm primarily responsible for support. Ask anyone who's emailed me actually asking for support, and you'll find out how well that's gone so far.

While I do get and try to service pull requests on my drivers, sometimes it takes me weeks or months, or else I do things out of order and end up conflicting people's patches. My hope with moving these to an organization setup is to allow developers that are interested to help out with maintenance of these projects.

I'm already starting to see this in action, as there's now a developer on the emokit project working on porting the C library to HIDAPI. I'd like to get battery power and signals in soon too. There's a bunch of stuff to be done on things like libfitbit and libomron too.

Moving this stuff forward shouldn't depend on the amount of free time I have. If you're interested in becoming a developer with commit rights on one of these projects, file an issue in the project you're interested in working on.