It's really amazing how quick a year can disappear by.

Due to personal circumstances that involved finding a new job, hacking some robots, being in Make Magazine, etc... It's been a quiet year at OpenYou so far.

So, an update!


I'm still seeing pull requests to libfitbit! The library has become somewhat more stable, though we're still plagued by issues with the base station locking and not communicating until it's unplugged/replugged. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the fitbit base station or with my python ANT library. It's something I hope to look into soon.

I'd also like to get a Fitbit Ultra at some point, to get altimeter readings into the system.


As of today, Emokit for the Emotiv EEG sees a major update, at least in terms of protocol documentation. We now have access to the sensor quality levels and battery power levels, the two portions we'd been waiting on in order to finish the library and release v1.0. I've created a protocol document that's available in the github repo, and would like to get this pressed into code ASAP.

In less new-featurey but important maintenancey issues, I'm also planning on moving the library to HIDAPI, which should solve a lot of the crossplatform issues reported in the repo. I'd also like to finish the OpenVibe bindings, which I got started but then fell off on due to above mentioned circumstances.


I've been permaloaned (Sorry Barry I swear I'll get it back to you) a Nike Fuelband to work on. I did some initial proof-of-concept code a while ago, which found some dates and what I believe are steps recorded down to the second (the highest granularity I've seen in a consumer pedometer thus far).

The unfortuate news is that there seems to be no good way to access the LED array, which was my original goal. However, the factory wipe mechanism looks like it may be a firmware reload, which would be super handy for possibly building my own LED access functions.

So, that's it for now. I'll hopefully be posting more about some of the patent battles in health technology this year soon, as things have really been heating up.