After both spraining my ankle and getting a cold, I decided it was time to spend a weekend on programming self quantification hardware libraries instead of producing data for them. Some people would probably call this "downtime," but that's not a term I deal with well.

In the emokit realm:

  • Windows support in the C driver is done and confirmed working, though for some reason the device enumerates as 2 devices, since there's 2 HID interfaces.
  • Found out there's another VID/PID pair for the usb dongle, which makes life slightly more difficult. The issue is outlined in this github issue on Daeken's github repo. I'm now working with someone who has this dongle to try to get both working at the same time.

The hope is to get two of the major portions of emokit knocked out ASAP:

  • Auto-headset type detection
  • Searching for all possible VID/PID pairs

After this, the library should be usable in a v0.1 state while we figure out things like power levels.

Next up, I did a little bit of work on libfitbit. It's now transfering data more reliably due to fixing how tracker resets are handled (they may or may not send 2 packets sometimes). I still haven't gotten sending of data to the tracker working yet, but once that's done, hopefully there'll be a v0.1 release of the python version, as I outlined in the last post.