OpenYou hasn't really been a thing since 2012, but the project never really got a proper closure.

Fixing that now.

I'll be archiving all of our repos (outside of emokit, which is now community maintained) on github. The website and repos will stay live as long as I'm still using services that make it easy to keep them up.

If you're interested in what I'm up to, my personal site is at

Please do not contact me about bugs/issues on the open source OpenYou projects, as I don't really work in the open source health tech space anymore and do not have time to resume maintenance of them. Most of them refer to hardware that is no longer produced, and I do not have time to update them to new hardware. If you are interested in taking over maintenance, please feel free to fork them, and if you would like me to add links to the forks, feel free to reach out via one of the contact methods on my personal site.

I hope the project was useful while it existed, and look forward to seeing how others hack health tech in the future.


Kyle Machulis

Ex-OpenYou Maintainer